Taste Selwyn is Here

Wednesday, 1 May 2024

Taste Selwyn is Here

Food is the ultimate connector of people and places. It’s the best way to bottle the beauty and culture of a region, city, or country and proudly show it off. That’s what Taste Selwyn aspires to do.

Simply gazing across the picturesque landscapes of Selwyn might convince you that the region is like nowhere else on Earth. But once you let your taste buds join in on the fun, there’ll be no doubt.

From the many participating eateries across the region will come countless creations and flavours. Each will have its signature dish to try, but no matter what you order, you can be certain that ingredients from local Selwyn producers will be the star of the show.

Here are our participating eateries:

Tai Tapu Hotel

Starting as a watering hole in 1860, this establishment serves traditional pub food and more with an emphasis on excellence.

Their signature steamed fish served with soft potatoes is a prime example of that. It takes the best of both the land and sea and throws them headfirst into an unforgettable olive oil and white wine sauce topped with herbs, spices, and microgreens.


Gunyah Country Estate

This small and cosy estate serves meals ranging from simple and delicious to grand and fantastic. Their breakfast servings bring the classics to their peak while dinners centre around a French or Northern Italian style.

Their signature Tiramisu sticks to Italian tradition, but the flavour is nothing short of revolutionary.  


Langdale Vineyard Restaurant

With beautiful garden seating, this cafe and restaurant offers a casual country dining experience with seasonal produce and a diverse wine selection.

Their signature dish, Mushroom on the Stock, is a perfectly seared steak paired with oyster mushroom powder on golden brown mushrooms that deliver a complex, savoury bite.


General Post

Inspired by the Tai Tapu community, this former post office has been transformed into a cute, and more importantly, delicious spot for brunch and lunch.

Take-away window for coffee, local produce, and outdoor seating—it’s a great way to start the day, especially with their signature dish — the fan-favourite bacon bagel! Enjoy cream cheese, smoky mustard, and crispy bacon topped with microgreens on a handcrafted bagel.


The Store @ Tai Tapu

Whether you’re short on time or want to take in the afternoon at your own pace, the Store @ Tai Tapu will deliver exactly what you need.

They’ve lovingly crafted a Crusted Selwyn Lamb Rump for their signature dish that continues their commitment to local ingredients and let's their expert chefs showcase their skill with a take on a “Canterbury favourite.” The medley of roasted flavours combines with each rich bite of lamb for a warm and cosy meal.


Rossendale Weddings and Events

Overlook the Rossendale in a beautiful garden as you dig into the delicious Italian-inspired cuisine.

This picturesque spot is making a leg of lamb with a medley of roasted vegetables and a Chianti wine jus for their signature dish. Your taste buds will thank you after every bite of slow-cooked lamb rolled in a savoury and a combo of rosemary, tuscan spices, fresh basil and hoisin sauce.


The Laboratory

This cosy, family-friendly pub is a great place to savour passionately made microbrews while enjoying a tasty slice of pizza and live music.

They’re going all out with their signature dish and have made a Smoked Venison Pizza that gives you succulent bites of roasted venison on top of a bed of Havarti cheese.  


The Famous Grouse

The Famous Grouse Hotel has been serving happy customers for over 140 years—they’re good at what they do. This is a great spot for a good selection of beers and a hearty brunch to warm the soul.

Their signature dish is Turkish baked eggs with cumin flatbread and yoghurt. Similar to Shakshuka, this dish steeps every spoonful of eggs and venison in a tomato pepper sauce for an explosion of flavour.


Ratana Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria

If you enjoy authentic Italian food, this restaurant located in Rolleston’s town centre is for you. Bring your family or friends for a nice quiet meal with fresh pasta and seafood dishes inspired by Venetian tradition.

For their signature, they do what they're best at - Linguini a I'aragosta. This dish throws a wonderful combination of seafood into a rich sauce on top of homemade pasta, a technique used by the old fishermen of Venice. 


Café on the Green

Nothing beats a good meal after hitting the links. If you’re looking to make a memorable day, enjoy a game of golf in Glentunnel and then venture over to Café on the Green, where you’ll be greeted with great food and hot coffee.

They’ve devised a Honey Stung Chicken Burger for their signature dish, sure to put a smile on your face, no matter what the scorecard says.


Dalethorpe House

From the heart of Darfield comes this small yet skilled establishment that specialises in wholesome healthy food, sweet treats, and phenomenal coffee.

In true pasture-to-plate fashion, they’ve created the Mrs. Ferg Burger, a powerful lamb patty infused with Mediterranean flavours on a soft bun paired perfectly with house-made tzatziki.


Helado Gelato And Coffee Garden

Finally, a spot dedicated to all the sweet tooths out there. This family-run eatery on the bustling Tennyson Street of Rolleston offers decadent scoops of gelato, strong coffee, and delicious brunch.

They're bringing something truly unique to the dessert landscape with their creation — Summer Love Gelato. Gelato that has element of sparkling wine and paired with a croissant made with local flour. The effervescent punch combined with special gelato flavour is something you have to try!


Maddison Eatery

Sometimes the classics just need to be crafted with love and fresh local ingredients to become transcendent.

This spot, known for always delivering fantastic breakfast and brunch options, is taking brioche french toast to the next level. Each slice will be soaked in a mix of local eggs and cinnamon, then topped with fruits, a honey drizzle, and a cocoa cranberry topper infused with hazelnut. Woah…



This eatery specialises in American BBQ and has mastered the art of cooking low and slow, ensuring each bite is packed with as much flavour as possible.

Their signature dish is the age-old classic buttermilk fried chicken. The honey and chilli sauce balance a tangy and sweet duet on your taste buds while the black garlic aioli serves up savoury undertones that make it hard to put down.


The Silver Dollar Bar and Restaurant

A great place to unwind, this cosy indoor setting that features a sunny courtyard offers a great dining experience coupled with a vibrant bar scene.

Their signature dish, a delicious eggs benedict featuring a savoury mushroom addition, gives you a wide range of flavours that coalesce perfectly with each bite.


Thirsty Acres

Great for light snacks or a hearty meal, this pub located on the corner of State Highway 73 and Courtenay Road in Kirwee is a fantastic choice for Taste Selwyn due to the collection of local producers on every plate.

Their signature dish, “Go out on a lamb,” features a braised lamb shoulder roulade served with Agria potatoes and seasonal roast veggies topped with a decadent melt of smoked garlic and sheep’s milk gouda. If you’re looking for something smoky and creamy — look no further!


Memory's Restaurant

Set with a beautiful courtyard that’s lush with plant life, this family-run business is a great place to relax, breathe, and meet new people while enjoying food crafted with love.

Their signature dish is crepes with chicken, oyster mushrooms, white wine sauce, and parmesan shavings— the perfect light autumn lunch. Succulent, rich, yet still smooth with an airy feel, this one needs to be on your list.


No matter where you go, you’re in for a treat!

The fresh, local ingredients will bring a crisp, clean, and flavourful bite to any of the signature dishes you order. And when that involuntary mmmmmm comes out mid-chew, you’ll have the bountiful region of Selwyn to thank!


Find out more about what’s on offer, see the local producers and events here: selwyn.nz/taste

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