Café on the Green

About Café on the Green

 2597 Homebush Road, Glentunnel

A great game of golf always goes down well with a tasty meal after. Luckily, you won't have to travel far if you play golf in Glentunnel, with Café on the Green onsite. Coffee is not the only thing they serve hot, with delicious brunches, lunches and cabinet food on offer to the public six days a week.

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Honey Stung Chicken Burger

Nestled between soft burger buns, crispy savoury chicken meets the perfect blend of hot sweet honey. Accompanied with slices of Swiss cheese and topped with house-made onion chutney, crunchy slaw, and sliced pickles this burger gives an explosion of flavour in every bite leaving your taste buds craving more. An irresistible twist on a classic favourite.

Our Producers

Coalgate Honey Co.

Award-winning Coalgate Honey Co. is a small family owned and operated business based in Coalgate.

They operate a bunch of hives throughout Selwyn and the wider Canterbury area, offering a variety of single sourced honeys including Raw Liquid Honey and Beech Honey Dew.

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