Thirsty Acres

About Thirsty Acres

 Great Alpine Highway No 73, Kirwee

Sitting on the corner of State Highway 73 and Courtenay Road in Kirwee is the pub Thirsty Acres. They are proud to share the best of their backyard with locals and travellers alike, encouraging visitors to harvest their delicious menu, plough into an ice cold beer and cultivate great times.

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Go out on a lamb

The Malvern ward of the Selwyn district is full of surprises. From NZ's largest farming operations to some of our smallest boutique producers, Thirsty Acres sought to combine elements of this diverse mix of producers together on one plate. 

They start their dish with the world’s most succulent lamb, grown in the high-country heart of the Selwyn district.

The braised lamb shoulder roulade and seared lamb loin, is accompanied by a bed of roast Agria potatoes, topped with a decadent melt of smoked garlic and sheep's milk gouda, offering a marriage of smoky, creamy, and savory notes to delight your taste buds.

Completing the plate are seasonal roast vegetables, adding vibrant colours and flavors to this ensemble.

Our Producers

Jones Family Farm

If you prefer sheep milk to cow’s milk, or if you fancy trying it out and learning about its benefits, then the Jones Family Farm products might be exactly what you are looking for.

In the stunning countryside of the Canterbury Plains, in an area that's been farming sheep for nearly two centuries, the Jones Family Farm fits in to the rich legacy of New Zealand's farming heritage.

This special family is all about sharing their love, hard work and incredible sheep milk and cheese.

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