Gunyah Country Estate

About Gunyah Country Estate

 720 Sleemans Road, Windwhistle

In the dining room at Gunyah Country Estate you will be treated to the sumptuous tastes of the freshest local fare prepared by their European chef. Every detail and refinement is catered to, so that you can relax and enjoy the delights of your meal in a warm and convivial environment. The country estate has been run by Simonetta for 22 years and has completely transformed in her care from it's original lodge building. If you plan to visit Gunyah Country Estate, be sure to secure your reservation. Beyond dining, Gunyah also offers bed and breakfast services, welcoming guests who wish to enjoy their culinary offerings without an overnight stay. It's an ideal venue for intimate gatherings or special events, where you can relish in the exclusivity of private dining while creating cherished memories with family and friends.

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A timeless Italian classic plated up in the grandeur of Selwyn’s heritage building Gunyah Country Estate. 

Your tastebuds will melt as you sink your teeth into the soft sponge of this rich dessert, nestled between the rich mascarpone cheese; a local Italian inspired delight from Emilio’s Cheese. 

Based off Chef Simonetta’s mother’s best recipe, this tiramisu promises a culinary journey that honours the elegance of its surroundings, while delighting the senses.

Our Producers

Emilio's Cheese

Emilio’s Cheese is a taste of Italian cheese made in the Canterbury Plains. Their cheeses are proudly handmade using local milk and natural ingredients but following old Italian recipes.