Get your Berries Direct

Friday, 17 February 2023

Get your Berries Direct

Berries Direct

528 Jones Road, Weedons, Christchurch


Now that summer is here, nothing tastes better than freshly picked fruit, and there’s something particularly special about picking your own berries.

Blueberries are one of the most natural health boosters, while also being deliciously sweet and tasty! It’s one of the reasons Berries Direct is so popular this time of year when visitors come to hand-pick fresh berries or buy in bulk frozen berries from the farm shop.

As one of the largest blueberry growers in Canterbury, you need not fear that they will run out of berries for you to pick on any given day!


Some of us who have lived in the area for some time may remember this spot being called Howard’s berry farm. However, seven years ago when the Howards moved on, Berries Direct was born. And with blueberry and gooseberry plants that were planted in the 80s still coming back strong, it’s safe to say Berries Direct’s blueberry and gooseberry produce are still as, if not more so, delicious today!


Tim and Jess and their two boys, Felix and Alfie 

Tim and Jess, who moved here in October 2017 have continued the Berries Direct brand, growing it to be a premier brand as it is known today. With the help from their two boys, Felix and Alfie, they quickly embarked on opening the orchard to the public so that visitors could experience picking their own fresh berries. Now in their sixth season, they have continued to invest back into the orchard, replacing plants and installing a PYO (pick your own) shop with real-fruit ice creams.


Tim says there are plans for further improvement to the orchard, letting us in on a little secret. In coming years, they will be offering more PYO opportunities as they develop new blocks into different berry fruit for picking – an exciting new venture we recommend looking out for!

Open daily 9am-4pm, you’ll often find Tim and his family working in the orchard alongside an amazing and dedicated team of staff that come back every summer to make the orchard come to life.






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