Memorys Restaurant

About Memorys Restaurant

 227 Leeston Road, Springston

Memorys is a family run business, set amongst mature trees and a well-established garden, large courtyard area, pétanque pit and wood fired pizza oven. Their menu features an intimate selection of meals which changes throughout the week, depending on the seasonal produce available.

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Baked brie with blackboy peaches, artisan bread and gourmet salad

Not wanting her daughter's abundance of peaches to go to waste, Memorys chef Sue decided to preserve, pickle and freeze the peaches and save them for this year's Taste Selwyn dish. When mixed with brie, it creates a delicious creamy warm spiced peach middle for a buttery french pastry, which Sue says "there's nothing quite like it!"

Served with artisan breads and a gourmet salad of fresh fruit and vegetables from the Leeston Grocer, this dish is a rainbow of colours and tastes, to excite the senses and warm the soul.