Who loves ice cream?

Friday, 18 December 2020

Who loves ice cream?

With warmer days on the horizon, it’s time for day trips around Canterbury. And there’s nothing better than a good old ice cream cone to get your chill back on the way home.

To help in the search for shady spots and creamy goodness, we’ve rounded up the best places in Selwyn to stop off for that cool snack and keep the whole family happy this summer.


Darfield Dairy

Calling itself the home of the big ice cream, this shop serves up huge scoops of creamy goodness billowing out over the sides of the cone, drawing people from all over on a hot day. There are three freezers of all the favourite Tip Top and Chateau flavours you love. At $3 for an enormous ‘small’ size, they are a great deal and will keep the kids busy for a long time.

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Taste of Kiwi

Taste of Kiwi’s scoop ice cream has become quite famous along the Great Alpine highway for the large size and the unique flavours. Their ice cream is New Zealand’s own Deep South brand and people come from all over for the classic Kiwi flavours such as Liquorice, After Dinner Mint, banana choc chip, and strawberry and cream pavlova.

With plenty of parking, outdoor tables and comfy seats, Taste of Kiwi on the main street of Springfield is a great place to stop on a hot day.

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Tai Tapu Store

The Tai Tapu Store has long been a favourite stop-off on the way back home from Akaroa. A range of smoothies, iced coffee and ice cream sundaes are also available. The adults can get a coffee, while the kids get an ice cream, with a choice of creamy Tip Top flavours.

With generous scoops at $3 for a single and $4 for a double, they are a great affordable afternoon snack. Relax outside under the trees or sit in the covered porch area to escape the wind.

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The Milk Bar

Newly opened in West Melton, The Milk Bar is a licensed takeaway shop. For a hot day, there is an extensive menu of cold treats like milkshakes, iced coffee and chocolate, plus ice creams of course.

For that cool fix, you can even get a slushie in a large range of flavours, including lemon, lime and bitters. Eat at the outdoor tables and let the kids play in the children’s play area.

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Real-fruit Icecream: Berries DIrect and Blueberry Bliss

If you're in the Tai Tapu area, treat yourself to a popular, real-fruit icecream, located just in behind the Raspberry Cafè at Otahuna Berries' Berry Shop.

They grow their own berries so you can be sure this will be a delicious fresh treat after a tasty meal at the cafè! Enjoy it in the outdoor garden seating area.

If you're closer to Rolleston, pop by Berries Direct or Blueberry Bliss and try one of their real-fruit icecreams. There's a variety of flavours to choose, all made from freshly picked berries. 

And if you feel like sticking around, you can pick your own blueberries while you're there!

Springston Dairy

Why not revive the Sunday drive with a trip to Springston? At only ten minutes from Rolleston or five minutes from Lincoln, it’s a small, rural town with a country feel.

The dairy is lined with lots of sweet treats and ten of the best flavours of Tip Top goodness are available. At $3 for a single scoop and $3.80 for a double, they are great value.

Take your ice creams to Springston Domain and find the playground or drive a little further to Coes Ford Reserve, to eat them by the river.



The best ice cream in Selwyn?

Who do you think serves the best ice cream in all of Selwyn? Have we missed your favourite ice cream spot? Head to Facebook or Instagram and be sure to let us know! Make sure you tag us in your post so we can find Selwyn's best and biggest ice creams.

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