Low-cost fun in Selwyn

Wednesday, 1 February 2023

Low-cost fun in Selwyn

Summer for most of us means a break away from reality. It’s time that we can spend with family and friends, uninterrupted by the working life for a while. And even when we are back at work, the sun makes being outside worthwhile when we do catch a break.

Some of the best memories are made in summer, so here is a short list of summer activities that are either free or low-cost for you to enjoy.


#1 Kayak on Lake Pearson 

Dust off the old kayak sitting in the garage! 

Only 20 minutes’ drive from Arthur’s Pass Village, Lake Pearson is a peaceful lake that you can take the whole family out to enjoy. With a beautiful landscape (one that was featured in the Lord of the Rings films), there could be nothing more tranquil than kayaking along the still clear waters, wouldn’t you agree?


#2 Rakaia Gorge walkway & Campsite


Camping is a lot more fun than most people give it credit! Try it out; grab some food, some tents and bring the whole family. Whatever happens, it will be an experience to remember for all the right reasons.

Rakaia Gorge has been credited as one of Canterbury’s best kept secret, with plenty of camping facilities and great views over the gorge. And we highly recommend the Rakaia Gorge walking track that follows the rim of the gorge through spectacular geological areas and is full of bird life!


#3 Visit a nearby playground


Did you know Selwyn has a bunch of great playgrounds to explore?

From flying foxes to big blue slides, there’s fun for all ages!

Check out some of our favourite playgrounds here: https://selwyn.nz/blogs/playgrounds/


#4 Take a Sunday drive 


Selwyn is home to some of the best scenic routes in New Zealand.

Create a fun playlist, get on the road and become familiar with Selwyn’s hidden secrets. The Great Alpine Highway has a lot to offer with many opportunities to refuel and grab lunch or a hot drink along the way.

Stop in at Kura Tawhiti/Castle Hill and check out the limestone rocks! 


#5 Walk through the Lincoln Wetlands

Begin this fun, short walk with your kids by hopping across stepping stones and making your way through tall reeds. If you are quiet enough, you may be able to spot some wetland birdlife swimming in the lake.

Located just outside of Lincoln township, the wetlands is a great place for a picnic or to throw a frisbee once you find your way to the large grassy field.

After your picnic, make your way towards Lincoln township and visit Lincoln Library or a local café.  


#6 Go Kea Spotting


Now this is one that may be high up on your list if you are an avid bird watcher. And even if you aren’t, it might be a fun idea to take the older kids to learn the art of patience and peaceful observation!

Bird watching is very rewarding finding beautiful spots to watch from, hoping for that glimpse of the bird you are searching for.

We have heard through the grapevine that the best place to find a Kea, particularly juveniles, is up at the Viaduct Lookout at Death’s Corner on State Highway 73, about 8km west of Arthur’s Pass Village.


#7 Shout your neighbour a coffee


Get to know your local community if you haven’t already. Strike up new friendships or strengthen the relationships you already have.

Here in Selwyn, we value our tight-knit community and there’s nothing better than supporting local businesses in the area, so perhaps if you needed a sign, this is it. Create those connections close to home.

So go on, invite the neighbour to join you for coffee at your local, if anything it might give you a door to knock on if you run out of sugar!




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