Gone fishing in Selwyn

Monday, 20 February 2023

Gone fishing in Selwyn

Any bad week can be made better with a bit of fishing. There is no doubt that fishing offers time-out from the real world, and a chance to enjoy nature in all its glory.

For many, fishing has taught patience and determination, and with it, the knowledge that hard work pays off. And even when it doesn’t, even when the fish don’t bite, that sometimes the real reward is in enjoying the process and challenge!

Selwyn has many fantastic fishing spots, and we spoke with Richie Cosgrove, Fish and Game officer, to inform us of some the best spots and what we need to know!

Fishing at Lake Coleridge

According to Richie, Lake Coleridge and its surrounding lakes is a sure favourite amongst locals and visitors. Known for its rainbow trout, brown trout and chinook salmon, the fish quality has only improved with time since they started analysing the catch quality back in 2008. The lakes are fantastic boating lakes, but for those without boats, they are also highly recommended onshore fishing locations too. The preference is your own, but the fish won’t discriminate.

Which means for you, ample opportunity to get that fishing rod out and find yourself some good catches. These fish particularly enjoy centered soft baits. 

And if you are new to fishing and need some expert advice, Fish and Game NZ have a fantastic YouTube channel here with several short and effective tutorials on what you need to know. From winter fishing tips to river fishing tips, it really has it all!

Anglers getting their licence at Harts Creek

Keep in mind that if you plan to move away from the isolated lakes and into the rivers you will need to source a fishing endorsement. However, lakes such as Lake Coleridge and Harts Creek river, due to the fact the fish are not sea-run, do not require fishing endorsements.

In summer, most lakes are open for all anglers, and it is only in winter that lakes will close. If you are ever unsure, check out the South Island Sports Fishing Regulations here for all the details.

The Lloyd sisters, Hannah (left), Charlotte (middle) and Lucy (right) with their catch from Lake Coleridge

Now, we know that most of you keen anglers will be eager to get the kids on board with your passion. However, to make it more exciting for them, make sure it is an adventure and not a chore. Bring them past-time activities to keep them occupied when they do lose interest, because they will lose interest, and know that they will return to the excitement, especially once a fish has been caught!

And for the keener enthusiasts, every year Fish and Game host an annual high country fishing competition which is held on the first Saturday of every November. This event is well-supported and will often see about 300 entrants, and over 1,000 visitors. Prize spots go to achievements including biggest catch and several other spot prizes.

Don’t just take our word for it though, get out there and enjoy some tranquility while fishing. And if you want to check out some of the other locations, we’ve been told that Halswell river is another great spot amongst many that can be found in Selwyn!

Harts Creek

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