Murray Brothers Review: Cuckoo Creek

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Murray Brothers Review: Cuckoo Creek

Cuckoo Creek is a perfect way to test your skills before attacking the Cheeseman Downhill mountain biking trail.

Finding the Cheeseman MTB Trail

To access the start of the trail, climb or shuttle up the Cheeseman Ski Road above forest lodge. Once you have been past the first set of hairpins you climb a steep straight section of road in the open. Upon reaching the bush again at the next hairpin you will find the DOC sign and the start of the trail.

Cheeseman Mountain Biking Terrain

This trail stays under the canopy it's whole 1.6km of length. Its an Enduro trail so is mostly downhill and drops about 260m over its length. It's a good option for a windy or stormy day because it’s protected from the elements tucked away in the forest. It's like an off-road pump track, natural rollers and mounds make for great riding and the roots and tight trees keep you on your toes.

It’s an intermediate to advanced trail not recommended for beginners but a perfect stepping stone from the Hogs Back and Dracophyllum Flat trails. About three quarters of the way down there's a bumpy stream crossing and a wee incline before the trail gets back to it’s usual business of all time fun.

Want to keep riding?

Finishing the downhill you will find yourself on the Dracophyllum Flat trail, take a right for a 20min pedal back to the Forest lodge and the Cheeseman trails, otherwise you can take a left and ride through to Broken River.

  • 1.6km

Map My Ride

Cuckoo Creek trail map

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