Murray Brothers Review: Hogs Back/Dracophyllum Flat

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Murray Brothers Review: Hogs Back/Dracophyllum Flat

The Hogs Back is the perfect intermediate mountain biking trail in the Craigieburn basin. The trail starts in Castle Hill village and links through to Cheeseman and the Forest Lodge.

Getting to The Hogs Back Trail

To access the trailhead, continue straight on Castle Hill Drive through the village to the car park at the edge of the beech forest. The Hogs Back is just as fun in both directions, just remember to be courteous and give way to uphill riders.

It takes around an hour to ride through to Texas Flat so it's a good idea to carry some water and a snack. We always fill up our bottles in the fresh mountain streams.

Hogs Back Mountain Biking Terrain

The mountain biking trail crosses forested gullies and alpine scrubland for 6.4km before dropping down a fun descent to finish at Texas Flat (Mt Cheeseman Ski Road). The Dracophyllum Flat trail picks up where the Hogs Back left off dropping into a forested gully below Texas Flat. The trail continues through pockets of native scrub and beech forest for 6.1km before finishing at the Broken River ski road.

Once at the gravel ski road you have three options. Firstly,  you can descend the main ski road down the hill to Mistletoe Flat. Otherwise, you can head along the road, past the Education Centre and ride the Hut Creek trail to reach Mistletoe flat.

The final option is a more challenging enduro trail ‘Dicksons’ which descends from a hill above the Education Centre down to Highway 73. A five minute pedal along the highway and you’ll find yourself back at Mistletoe Flat. Once you’ve arrived at Mistletoe flat you can continue along the sidle 73 trail to the Craigieburn Ski Road. 

Want to keep riding?

If you’re looking for more, take the Coal Pit Spur trail from the Craigieburn ski road down to Flock Hill station. 

This alleyway of trails serves as a connector to the downhill/enduro trails in the area. It's also the perfect adventure for the family to embark on. The trail undulates with fun descents and climbs to keep you honest. 

Be sure to carry a repair kit and supplies as the distances take longer to cover than you might expect. The trail is one of the most maintained trails in the Craigieburn Forest and is in excellent condition for the riding season.

  • 12.5km

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Hogs Back trail map

Dracophyllum Flat trail map

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