Celebrating winter in Selwyn

Thursday, 28 July 2022

Celebrating winter in Selwyn

Set in the gorgeous Larcomb Vineyard, from 1pm to 9pm on Saturday 27 August, you can expect live music to bless your ears and local food and wines to compliment your tastebuds in an environment that is friendly, sociable and fun. 

And what’s great, is that this is an R18 event, so if you are looking for an event that gives you a break from the kids, this is it. This is the perfect opportunity to lock in the babysitter and give yourself a chance to eat a meal without sorting the kids, or wander stalls and listen to music without having to quieten down those tantrums.

Stargaze under blankets or book in the chance to view it under clear domes. Who could ask for a more cozy and beautiful way to view the night sky? 

And if you are looking for a great way to impress your employees or colleagues, there are even corporate packages that can be offered, allowing you to have your own personal space and a greater selection of tastings.

The Selwyn Winter Festival is a relatively new Festival, and we can thank the brilliant minds of Selwyn Wine and Beer Festival, Wine Divine, and Quill and Arrow that brought it together in hopes to help Selwyn thrive after the effects of Covid.

Tom Lawson from Larcomb Vineyard & Laura from Wine Divine

Tom Lawson, one of Selwyn Winter Festival’s very own event managers truly believes that Selwyn businesses supporting Selwyn is the way forward. He believes this event does exactly that. All food and drink and music are locally sourced throughout Selwyn and also Canterbury supporting local businesses there. It truly is a way in which Selwyn’s community can come together and thrive together, with the added bonus of fun to be had and fantastic memories to be made.

And, with 500-600 people expected to attend the festival, it’s an opportunity for any local business to gain new customers and to have a chance to network and reach a wider audience. If its popularity last year was anything to go by, you can be in for a treat this year too.

With fantastic food and drink stalls everywhere you look, this event is not one to be missed. Gather your friends, family and loved ones for it and make sure to lock in your tickets. Because why not enjoy your part in helping Selwyn’s community thrive?

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