Courtenay A&P Show

Friday, 5 August 2022

Courtenay A&P Show

Team work certainly makes for dream work. 

And here in Selwyn, we thrive off the fact that our community continuously pulls together, to work as a team, and subsequently, play as a team.

The Courtenay Agricultural and Pastoral Show is a prime example of just how strong our community spirit is. Brought together by a passionate committee of volunteers and held annually on the third Saturday of November, The Courtenay A&P Show, just 20 minutes from Christchurch, offers a real country day out in Selwyn.

woman on horse in competition

And practice makes perfect right? So, who can expect anything less from a show that is about to celebrate its 147th year of running! The original aim of the show was to bring together the country community, and it has proven to be a roaring success!

From farmers who get together to witness and learn the new ways of farming machinery and ideas on farming methods, to the general excitement and hustle and bustle of great craft and food stalls. There is always something for everyone to see and do.

Man and boy looking at machinery

The Courtenay A&P Show is always carried out extremely well, and it is proud to have customers that return every year, knowing that each time will be just as great if not better than the last. And as all great events do, the show has learned how to improve each time.

Once upon a time it was an event that showcased prime animals and livestock and farming machinery. Nowadays, it encompasses all that can be expected from a good modern day out that brings together both country and town.

Of course, the animals remain, and what an attraction they still are! From sheep to cattle, goats to horses, poultry to even sheep dog trials, there is something for everyone to ooh and ah over. And who can deny their excited children a ride on the ponies?

People at the A & P show, woman leading cow

But if farm animals aren’t totally up your street, you can expect there to be bustling business from the locals who are experts in photography and art, floral arrangement, crafts, and home industries. And once those appetites have been built up from all the activities and stalls to experience, you certainly won’t be disappointed when it comes to the wide variety of world foods the show has on offer.

The Courtenay A&P Show tends to draw in crowds of around 3,000 people, so expect to see your friends and family there. It is a brilliant way to support the local community and support smaller businesses, especially during the recent troubling times we have had with Covid. The show’s schedule is full of classes that can be entered ahead of the show, and on the day, ranging from equestrian, sheep, cattle, goats, poultry, grain and seed, produce shed (baking, sewing, knitting, photography and flowers etc), vintage tractors, machinery and cars.

kids on spinning fair ride

Secretary of the Courtenay A&P Association, Anna Seaton is very proud to be one of the event coordinators and she loves the pride and the spirit of the community when everyone comes together at the show. And the cherry on the top for Anna, is the smiles of the kids as they experience all the Courtenay A&P show has to offer!

“Personally for me, my favourite parts of the A&P show are watching the children compete in the pet lamb competition. It can get a bit chaotic but it’s so great to see their smiling faces as they try and lead their pets around the ring. Another highlight would have to be the grand parade being led by the Ellesmere Pipe Band. It is amazing to watch and see the preparation and pride people have put into showing their animals and machinery.”
-  Anna Seaton, Secretary, Courtenay A&P Association

So get involved, and make sure you put time aside to visit the next Courtenay A&P Show to be held! It is definitely an event that you won’t want to miss.

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