Malvern A&P Show

Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Malvern A&P Show

Everywhere you turn in New Zealand, there’s always been something exciting to do. And that rings true for Sheffield too! The Malvern Autumn A&P Show is an event not to be missed!

Held annually (Covid-permitting), this farming and agricultural show has been around for over 120 years fine-tuning its entertainment! In fact, it is still as popular as it has been in previous years, if not more! The Malvern A&P Show provides the perfect opportunity to showcase Selwyn’s communities’ most prized animals, crop, baking and so much more! And with special ringside events and trade stands, there’s something for everyone. 

And for those who desperately want to show off their own hard work and fine stock, Malvern’s A&P show allows them a chance to do just that. Because at the end of the day, what makes a show better than just experiencing what it has to offer? Well, the answer to that is by actively participating in the events of the day and having people ooh and awe over their hard work and good fortune!

Winding down summer is never boring in Sheffield with this show around! Just as everybody’s spirits usually begin to wind down and dampen knowing the sun is soon to be packed away for a few months, the Malvern A&P show prides themselves on offering entertainment, fun, amusement, and joy once again to raise everyone’s spirits.

Held usually in March, with school just starting back, and with our hard workers back in the throes of daily life chores, the Malvern A&P show presents a fantastic opportunity for all of them to take a break. It also gives them a chance to truly enjoy their surroundings and be dazzled by the hard work of others. The whole motive behind the event is that it is an inclusive event for the family and will raise Sheffield’s profile for local businesses. It allows adults the chance to let the kids run around and get caught up with the animals and games of the show, so they can check out some of the fantastic food on offer.

Regardless of whether the visitors are from the city or a true enthusiastic farmer by nature, this country exhibition and fair has given them the chance to appreciate what it truly means to be in the heart of New Zealand, celebrating New Zealand’s finest farming and agricultural beauty. 

Even the older kids can’t resist the candy floss! This really is an event that aims to please all members of the family. In fact, in the past, our parents have had trouble peeling the members of their family away from the tractors being sold, the pet and photography stalls, the wide-ranging food stalls, and not to mention the fun and social company they have been amongst. With the community at large eager to revisit the event, we can all hope it will run for another 120 years!

Located on 91 West Coast Road, in Sheffield, it is worth a field trip with the family for the next event (Covid-permitting). And with any event that benefits our local communities here in Selwyn and brings us together as one, we can’t wait to see what future events have in store for us!

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