Vintage Fest coming soon!

Thursday, 7 September 2023

Vintage Fest coming soon!

Are you a fan of all things vintage? If so, mark your calendars for the highly anticipated Vintage Fest NZ, a one-of-a-kind event that's set to transport you back to the golden years. With its roots in community, inclusivity, and nostalgia, Vintage Fest NZ promises an unforgettable experience for all ages. 

Vintage Fest NZ, in conjunction with Miss Vintage Australasia, made its debut in 2022, and its first event was a great success. Held at the Lincoln Event Centre, the festival captured the hearts of vintage enthusiasts, history buffs, and families alike. The event's resounding triumph has even been acknowledged with Silver and Bronze awards at the Selwyn Awards, further solidifying its significance in the local community.  

At the heart of Vintage Fest NZ is the visionary Sharvelle Mackay and her dedicated committee and supporters. The festival was designed as a platform to unite vintage enthusiasts from Australia and New Zealand, fostering relationships, creating opportunities, and sharing their passions within Selwyn. This celebration is a chance for people from all walks of life to come together, find acceptance, and enjoy an educational and entertaining experience. Vintage Fest NZ aims to promote heritage, tourism, arts, culture, and inclusivity; all values which enrich our community. 

One of the festival's highlights is the chance for participants to compete in various categories, showcasing their passion for all things vintage. From car and military displays to photography and pageants for the whole family, Vintage Fest NZ offers a variety of opportunities for engagement. The event introduces titles such as Miss Vintage Australasia, Runner Up MVA, MVA Miss Personality, MVA Miss Media, and the newest addition for 2023, MVA Miss Talent. This diverse mix allows participants to shine in their chosen areas. 

Vintage Fest NZ isn't just about celebrating the past; it's also about supporting local brands, businesses, and talents. The festival thrives on the generosity of New Zealand businesses, local council endorsements, and even international sponsors like Lana-Rose Fashion Australia. This collaboration is in line with the festival's core values of community and inclusivity, as businesses and individuals come together to make the event a resounding success. 

This year's Vintage Fest NZ theme, Old Hollywood, promises a glimpse into the glitz and glamour of the silver screen's golden age. From rock n roll royalty to military exhibitors, classic car displays, and creative stalls, the festival offers an array of activities. With family-friendly zones, beauty parlours, daytime pageants, or evening cabarets, Vintage Fest NZ's programme ensures that every moment is a memory waiting to be made. 

Vintage Fest NZ isn't just a product of the committee; it's the support and shared passion that has breathed life into this extraordinary celebration. 

As the 2023 Vintage Fest NZ approaches, anticipation is building for another year of vintage glory. If you've ever wanted to step back in time, connect with kindred spirits, and create new memories with your family, this is the event for you. Make 2023 the year you dive into the vintage world at Selwyn's Vintage Fest NZ.

Don't miss out – save the date for 23 September! 

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