Murray Brothers Review: Cheeseman Downhill (Cockayne Alley)

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Murray Brothers Review: Cheeseman Downhill (Cockayne Alley)

Cheeseman DH or Cockayne Alley is one of the more challenging trails in the area but gives you plenty of bang for your buck!

3.3km of technical riding drops 433m from the alpine near the ski slopes all the way down to Texas Flat. To access the start of the trail, climb or shuttle up to the second gate on the Cheeseman Ski Road. The drop off point is called Middle Hut carpark and is a big turn around area up in the alpine scree fields. From here continue just a stone's throw above the gate and you’ll see the sign for Cockayne Alley. There is a traverse track for just over half a kilometer that takes you across the slope to the start of the trail proper.

The trail starts gently rolling through the alpine scrub and golden hero dirt before dropping into a steeper pitch of beech forest. Ride the roller coaster of rooty, leafy goodness and you’ll never want to stop. Although, its recommended to take a few breathers on the way down to let the hands recover and the brain catch up with all the trees and corners that’ve just zipped past.

After a few short pinch climbs and a lot of technical fun downhill you’ll hit the Cheeseman ski road. From here either head back up for another lap or cross the road and join onto the Dracophyllum trail for an extra 10 minutes of single track on the way back to Texas Flat

  • 3.3km

Cockayne Alley trail map

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