Best spots to take your dog | Selwyn

Friday, 15 January 2021

Best spots to take your dog | Selwyn

With over 14,000 dogs registered and many homes having more than one dog, it is clear that Selwyn people love their dogs.

Selwyn has three dog parks where dogs can exercise, run off-leash and socialise with other dogs.

Dog Parks in Selwyn

Foster Dog Park

You'll find Foster Dog Park near the heart of Rolleston township, on the corner of Springston Rolleston Road and Goulds Road.

With car parking, double-gates, and a fully-fenced enclosure, it's a safe space to let your dog run around and explore. 

Even better, there's an area for dog water play, and another space where you can wash them up afterwards.

It's worth noting that the Selwyn Dog Training Club uses Foster Dog Park on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nights and Sunday mornings, which may restrict public access to the park.


Leeston Dog Park

If your dog loves getting active, take them to Leeston Dog Park. There is so much agility equipment to keep your furry friends occupied, including hurdles, jumps, balance beams, pole weaves, ramps, a tunnel and more.

You'll find Leeston Dog Park between the entrance to the A&P Showgrounds and the Ellesmere Heritage Park, off Leeston Road.


McHughs Forest Dog Park

Dogs in Darfield will love the new Selwyn Council fenced dog park at McHughs Forest. This is a dedicated area where dogs can be let off their leash for a real run-around. 

The rest of McHughs Forest Park is dog friendly, and there are plenty of walks they can join you on, ranging for 30 minute strolls to half-day hikes. Just remember, outside of the dog park, your furry friend must stay on a lead.

Kakaha Dog Park

Photo credit: Captive Moments Photography NZ and MCL contracting

Selwyn's newest dog park is bound to get your dog's tail wagging.

Because this 1.5 hectare park near Prebbleton, is fully-fenced with gates at the north and south ends, dogs can enjoy being off their leash.

It has seating and picnic facilities, dog agility equipment areas and a separate secure area for small dogs.

The south entrance is near the Kakaha Park Leadley Road car park.

Dog Friendly Places in Selwyn

The Willows

The Willows at West Melton is a great place to pack a picnic and walk along the Waimakariri River. The area is off-leash but make sure that you pooch is under effective control at all times. That means that your dog will return to you immediately when called.

There are also some beginner bike trails you can head out on, if your dog is really keen on zooming around.

Great Alpine Highway Dog Parks

For more challenging walks head out to Craigieburn Forest Park or Korowai Torlesse Tussocklands Park along the Great Alpine Highway (SH73), where there are many trails that you can take your furry friend for a great day out. Your mate can also accompany you along the Little River Rail Trail from Hornby to Motukarara, or around the wetlands in Lincoln.

If you decide to tackle the Korowai Torlesse Tussocklands Park make sure your dog is under control.

Some access points to the park cross over private land and dog access is prohibited there. To make sure you can access the park, check what is stated on the Department of Conservation sign when you arrive.

The most common no access for dogs to this park is at the start of Coach Stream track near the bottom of Porters Pass. Access for dogs to this park is located at the M trig track from over the top of Porters Pass. 


Looking after your dog

When walking your dog, don’t forget your doggie bags, and if taking one of the longer walks and tracks, pack water and bowl for your four-legged companion.

Heading out for a walk with your furry friend? We'd love to see what your dogs are getting up to. Seriously, who doesn't love a good photo of a pup? If you're heading out for a walk or to a dog park, make sure you tag us on Facebook and Instagram!

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