McHughs Forest Park


McHughs Forest Park is a 43 hectare public recreational reserve on the edge of Darfield town. A number of different flat walking and biking tracks weave through the forest.

Quick tips:

  • Dogs on leash, family friendly 
  • Fairy doors are located throughout the track 
  • Grade 1 Beginner Bike Trails 
  • Low intensity walking tracks 
  • Starting point: Carpark on Horndon Street, Darfield. 

Established in 1893 to provide shelter and timber in an area where no natural forests occurred, McHughs Forest Park is a mixed exotic conifer plantation dominated by large mature Douglas-fir along with other large trees. There are a number of different flat tracks weaving through the forest.

Magical creatures are living in and hiding up trees in McHughs Forest Park. Wander through the enchanted forest and see how many gnomes, trolls, dragons, goblins and fairies you can find! 

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