Must-see gardens near Rolleston

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

Must-see gardens near Rolleston

Some of the happiest people in the world are gardeners and not for one second do we doubt why.

To be surrounded by beauty and to get lost in nature daily, can only produce positive feelings. And if you are like us, you may be wanting to walk around and witness some of the most beautiful gardens Selwyn has to offer, which is why we have compiled a list of some must-see gardens right here in our community.


Situated at 437 Boundary Rd is the once renowned rhododendron garden, Dalkeith.

When Stephanie and Ted bought the property and garden back in 2007, it was with the intention of rejuvenating, restoring and improving it. And for fourteen years they have spent their time undertaking back-breaking work; clearing weed trees, dead and dying trees, overgrown trees, ivy and under growth - all while replanting, redeveloping, and making improvements to the existing plantings.

Their original goal is finally becoming a reality. But, as with all gardens, the work is never done. They have continued to plant rhododendrons, camellias, magnolias and maples, but have also added many other exotic varieties. Planting anything is always a big task as digging holes amongst the tree roots can prove quite difficult. To help deal with this problem, succulents and cacti have been added to the plantings. A wildflower garden has also been added and this runs alongside the driveway as you enter the property.

Stephanie and Ted find meeting with other members of the New Zealand Garden Trust for informal get togethers, as well as attending the Trust's conference are great learning experiences.

Dalkeith Garden is a peaceful and tranquil garden with plenty of bird song. Visitors are welcome to bring a picnic lunch, and Stephanie and Ted are happy to provide hot water for a cup of tea. There is plenty of seating in the garden and there are also toilets available in the garden.

Attendance is by appointment only, unless you plan to visit on one of the open days during October, between 10.00am and 4.00pm.


Broadfield Garden has been rated a whopping six stars according to the New Zealand Gardens Trust (six is the best rating you can get – the same rating as Hamilton’s Botanical Gardens and Dunedin’s). And you would be right if you were shocked to find out this all began from a humble horse paddock. 

David has been lovingly growing and building on his three hectares of landscaping gardens for the last thirty years. He originally had a little bit of help every Saturday from Lincoln Landscaping and Architecture students, but he soon found the help of fellow garden lovers with his same passion.

Open since 1998 to the public, David has a multitude of different flowers, trees and hedges for you to come and view and enjoy. In between the camellias, the perennials, the daffodils and the rhododendrons you are more than welcome to bring your family and your dog (on a leash), to enjoy a picnic.

This garden has had its fair share of popularity over the years. Last year it was home to the Alpine Garden Show, and almost every year for the last decade except from the years affected by covid, it has been home to the Lincoln and District Community Care Spring Fling.

Open from 8:00am to 4:30pm on a Wednesday and Saturday, children are free to enter, and adults are only $15 per person. It certainly would make for a fantastic way to pass some time surrounded by beautiful landscaping and nature.


Cedar Park Gardens is a beautiful 1.5 acres setting that has evolved and grown since Anne and Ron bought it in 2000, back when Rolleston was still barely registered on the map. It is a magnificent garden decorated with all types of beautiful trees, perennials, spring bulbs, roses, hedging, native areas and even a large potager.

Anne and Ron are very hands on when it comes to their garden, and they have made the most of the structures and objects throughout the garden. And while the credit of the actual gardening goes to Anne, Ron plays a very important role as the handyman of all projects and keeping the lawns and hedges in tip top shape.

Anne loves to focus on flowers that present a challenge, and she has become quite gifted at growing Rhodochitons, Morning Glories (Heavenly Blues) from seeds or cuttings. With that said however, their garden has a wide assortment of all plants and flowers. 

What sets Cedar Park Gardens apart, is that here you can expect to walk away armed with a variety of plants you’ve bought. Anne and Ron have an assortment of plants, mainly perennials, but also some trees and shrubs among others for sale. And if you are lucky, when the Kowhai trees are flowering you may catch a glimpse of the bellbirds who frequent the garden.

And if you fancy sticking around, Anne and Ron own a beautiful and tranquil B&B within the property. Rolleston these days is a bustling town that many people want to visit, but it has done nothing to take away from the peace and tranquility that Cedar Park Garden offers its visitors.

The garden is available to visit at any time by appointment only. Visitors are more than welcome to bring picnics along, and on the open days hot water, tea or coffee will be available.

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