A Hauora approach to harvesting

Monday, 1 May 2023

A Hauora approach to harvesting

Here in Selwyn, we take pride in supporting our local businesses. With such a diverse range of dedication and services provided to us by our own community, Selwyn wouldn’t be where it is today without them.

Hauora Produce is one of those businesses that we support. With a particular specialty in growing and harvesting strawberries, owners Ed and Kate Hobson are keeping busy providing Selwyn, and larger Canterbury, with a fantastic supply of fresh berries!

Hauora is the Māori philosophy of health, unique to Aotearoa which put into context of a berry farm, it means producing delicious products in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

Ed, former sheep and beef farmer, and Kate, registered nurse, have owned Hauora Produce for 18 months having bought it from a start-up business that was put on sale. After successfully bidding for it, Ed and Kate have cherished the opportunity to work within the community and provide local produce. It has also given them a fantastic chance to work closer together and work from home with their young 6-month-old son Wilbur.


With over 21,000 strawberry and lots of raspberry plants, housed inside a 1,500m2 glasshouse and raspberries grown outside, Ed and Kate are making sure that Cantabrians have their own share of fresh berries right at their front door. With 80-90% of strawberries and raspberries being primarily grown in the North Island and shipped down, it is nice to have berries that are local.

“We are often asked by customers, what we add to our berries to make them taste so good and so fresh and sweet. The answer to that is not much! It is purely a result of good harvesting and being so local that they taste so much better.”

            Ed Hobson, co-owner of Hauora Produce

Hauora Produce runs an integrated pest management system which means that for the most part their berries are not sprayed with pesticides. Instead, if pests are becoming an issue, they will use alternative methods such as releasing beneficial insects to keep the strawberries safe from pests that will eat them. This is a safe and well-used method by harvesters, and it is great to see new businesses, like Hauora incorporating these methods into their system.

Recently, Hauora Produce held their own stall at Christchurch’s Food Festival and found themselves not only catching up with existing customers but embracing new customers. It was a fantastic opportunity for the young couple to get out there and introduce excited foodies to what they do and a great chance to showcase just how good locally grown berries can taste!

While they have plans to expand in the future, Ed and Kate primarily supply to the local green grocers throughout Selwyn and on the outskirts of Christchurch. However, if there is a catering event where you need a major supply of berries, they would love to supply directly to you.

Be sure to support local and get to know who is behind the delicious fruit and veg you’re bringing home. Who knows, maybe those strawberries might taste extra tasty with melted chocolate on top. Yum!


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