Walnuts NZ Co-op Ltd

Artisans / West Melton

Processor and marketer of premium fresh walnuts

We're a co-operative of around 45 walnut grower members, mostly in Canterbury, with some based in Otago and Nelson. We've been nurturing our trees since the '70s, to grow exquisite walnuts for you. Our philosophy is to grow our trees using as little intervention as possible. Some of our orchards are certified organic and we all limit the use of sprays, preferring to prune, feed and water - then let them grow. All our nuts are processed at our Tricketts Road facilities in West Melton - so what better name for our brand - Tricketts Grove!

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We do not sell from the factory. Our e-commerce site www.tricketsgrove.nz is available 24/7 and we deliver directly.


Phone: +6433478103
Mobile: +64291266795