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Explore The Herbal Garden's 2 acres of organic enchantment! From culinary herbs to medicinal wonders and an 'English Country Garden,' our permaculture haven thrives. Winner of Selwyn Awards, witness sustainable living, vibrant ponds, and a biological approach.

Embark on an enchanting journey through The Herbal Garden, a flourishing oasis of organic wonder and permaculture brilliance. Nestled within 2 acres of ever-evolving greenery, our gardens are a testament to the artistry of nature and the harmonious dance of sustainability.

Discover the tapestry of gardens that has unfolded over time, each plot weaving its unique story. It all began with the essential quest for organic, spray-free fruits and vegetables, a garden designed to nurture and sustain our family. From there, the landscape unfolded organically, embracing the aromatic allure of culinary herbs, the healing embrace of medicinal herbs, and the timeless beauty of heritage roses in our 'English Country Garden.'

In the spirit of permaculture, every garden is strategically positioned for convenience, placing what you use most within easy reach of the kitchen. Wander through a symphony of scents and colours, where each plant is a note in the composition of sustainable living.

As you explore, you'll encounter a "park-like" expanse at the front, graced by majestic beech, oak, ribbon wood, and acers. A central pond, connected to a smaller top pond by a babbling stream, invites wildlife into our sanctuary, providing refuge for birds and insects. Unwind on our covered deck, poised over the pond, and let the serenity envelop you as you observe the vibrant pond life.

Distinguished by our commitment to excellence, The Herbal Garden proudly earned gold and the overall winner accolade in the Selwyn Awards for Tourism. We also secured a Bronze for Environment and Sustainability, a testament to our dedication to fostering a haven that thrives in harmony with nature.

Immerse yourself in the ethos of organic and permaculture practices, where everything in the garden stays in the garden. Trees, branches, and garden waste are transformed into nourishing mulch, while our industrious chickens contribute not only eggs but also aid in composting weeds and grass. Witness the magic of a biological gardening approach, building a robust soil food web through compost, vermicast, compost tea, and biochar.

Step into our world, where ecological sustainability intertwines with natural well-being, and share your thoughts as you become part of the living story of The Herbal Garden. We eagerly await the pleasure of your company, inviting you to witness the vibrant symphony of life flourishing within our verdant haven.

The garden is open by appointment, entry is $12.00 per person,  or $25 per person for garden tour with morning/afternoon tea/coffee and cakes set up in the garden.  Children are free for garden tours.   Please phone or email to book.

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If you wish to have a garden tour and complete a workshop there will be an additional charge for the workshop

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Very happy to have group to tour the garden and fit in with your requirements. Please note that we do not have any WC facilities.
If you wish to do a workshop, this can be arranged the maximum would be 12 people.

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By appointment Monday-Sunday 10.00am -4.00pm


from $10 - 10 NZD


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