Suburban Eatery


Suburban eatery our contemporary little cafe in the heart of Selwyn, Leeston.

The Suburban Eatery is a contemporary cafe and licensed restaurant in Leeston, the heart of Selwyn.

Our focus is to make all of the components of our cabinet and menu items ourselves.  All slices and savoury items are made in our production kitchen out the back. 

Our focus on exemplary service and visually stunning food that tastes amazing is where our strengths lie and puts us ahead of the rest. 

Our kitchen of 18 strong chefs start each day at 3am in the morning preparing your food and close the day off 5 days a week at 9pm at night. 

Our menu's are seasonally based and being licensed allows you to match your favourite tipple with the dish you choose.  

Come and experience the Suburban Eatery and feel the difference, see our local focus on our walls as well as our 400 plants that cover our walls. 

Whether we see you once or a million times we'd love to hose you. 

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from $6 - 36 NZD


Phone: +6433243536