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Nutritional Farm is based in Dunsandel surrounded by nature, with mountains beyond and yet with easy access to everything, supplying nutritious eggs. Centrally placed between Christchurch & Ashburton, as well as Darfield & Leeston & close to Rolleston.

The way we farm is to "pastured" standards which is different to the current standards here in New Zealand. We aim to give our hens the best quality of life there is, and in return they produce a better nutritious egg which we try to make readily available to the local Cantabrian.
We run our business from A to Z, as in we rear our own chicks from 1 day old and take them all the way through to laying birds. By rearing them ourselves, it allows us to give them the best possible start to life before they start producing one the most nutritious foods there is.
When the girls reach the age to lay, they are housed in moveable sheds that we have designed and built ourselves. We collect, process and pack all our eggs daily, and deliver to all our clients across Canterbury weekly.  From our farm to your plate! 
To keep it simple, "Pastured" farming means the animal is living on pasture. It implements higher animal welfare and more sustainable practices. Our hens produce pastured eggs because they live in a mobile shed that gets moved around the farm which allows them to roost in at night, lay their eggs in the nest boxes in the morning and roam freely outside as they please the rest of the time. This means pastured hens eat a much higher percentage of their natural diet and are able to express their natural behaviours such as pecking and scratching. Being outdoors in the fresh air and the sun also means that they get to stay healthy and fit.
Key benefits that pastured egg farming provides are:
  • Undeniable freshness & enhanced flavour.
  • The best healthy option:
  • Less cholesterol
  • Reduced saturated fat
  • Increased vitamin A, E & D
  • More omega 3

We supply various eateries, bakeries and most Four Squares and New World's across Canterbury.

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