Lonsdale Sheep Dairy


Originally settled by James Beaumont in the early 1860's Lonsdale Farm Springston has a long history of supplying milk to the local community. Today we supply fresh sheep milk to cheese makers and produce rich creamy handcrafted sheep milk soap.

The Lonsdale Sheep Dairy is a story about chasing dreams. Rod and Heather had always wanted to go farming and after hearing about the emerging sheep milk industry in New Zealand decided the time had come. They started small - with just 28 sheep and now, along with their daughter Katrina, milk 300. With the purchase of the original flock they needed to leave their suburban life in Upper Hutt and move rural. They chose an ex-dairy farm in Springston and spent the first six months converting if from a farm for cows to a farm for sheep.

The soap making began for Katrina and Heather as a bit of fun; something nice to do with the milk. They liked what they made, gave some away then people began asking to buy it. It wasn’t long before their home was filled with the smell of freshly made soap. The spare room was turned into a curing room and guests were obliged to share their accommodation with bars of soap.

People love the rich creaminess that comes from making a soap using fat rich sheep milk. It is the high fat content of the milk that leaves the skin silky and moisturised. From the original ovals they’ve added Rameo and Eweliet along with hearts of several scents. Customers range from those looking for a unique NZ gift to those wanting an all natural soap that is easy on the skin. With a mix of sheep milk and oils the

They love the farming life and following the cycles of nature. Each year they eagerly wait for spring when the lambs are born which leads the milk to flow and all the while the house is filled with the sweet aroma of soap curing in every available nook and cranny. 

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