Cheeseman Rail Jam

calendar Sunday, 8 September 2024

location Mt Cheeseman Ski Field Road, Castle Hill, New Zealand

A great opportunity for both seasoned riders and up-and-comers to come together and enjoy the sport!

A "rail jam" is a type of skiing or snowboarding competition where participants could showcase their skills on rails, boxes, and other terrain park features.

The Cheeseman rail jam competition sounds like a fun event where riders can demonstrate their creativity, style, and technical ability. Rail jams often have a laid-back atmosphere, with music, cheering spectators, and a focus on camaraderie among participants.

If you're thinking of competing or attending, make sure to bring your A-game and prepare for a day filled with excitement on the slopes!

Entry cost set on the day.

Open to the general public, with a number of competition age groups set up.

Registration opens from 8am at the Day Lodge.

Additional Information

  • Sunday, 8 September 2024 , 9:00am - 4:00pm
Pricing Information

Cost: Entry cost set on the day.
Registration opens from 8am at the Day Lodge.