The sweetest pick of summer

Monday, 18 December 2023

The sweetest pick of summer

Blueberries have a wide variety of health benefits including aiding digestion, lowering heart disease risk and are full of antioxidants, just to name a few.

So, there’s no surprise that Boyds Blueberries is popular amongst locals and visitors once the berries come into season. And with 1,200 bushes spread out over two acres on Shands Road, there are some great opportunities for blueberry picking.

Open from Friday through to Sunday, 10am to 5pm, over summer, Boyds Blueberries are sweet and easy to pick. Owner Andrew Boyd recommends to those who are interested in picking, to try to aim for a Friday when the berries have had a 4-day break to grow and rest.

Boyd's Blueberries owner Andrew Boyd

And there’s no lack of knowledge when it comes to who is running the show. The business has been in the family since 1981 when Andrew Boyd’s parents found a newspaper article on blueberries and decided it was a venture they wished to explore to support their retirement in later years.

With the help of Andrew’s two brothers and himself, his parents were able to build a thriving orchard from the blueberries they planted.

One of the unique changes Andrew has seen their orchard make over the years, was to stop using agricultural sprays eight years ago.

Once this decision was made, they experienced seasons with some of the best crops of blueberries. And despite the extra work of pruning that is required without the use of weedicides, they have stuck to the decision to be a spray-free orchard.

To have longer seasons for their visitors to enjoy, Boyds Blueberries purchases different varieties that ripen at different times. And while this has extended their seasoning times, the most popular variety due to its large size often gets picked too early by customers who are excited by its size.

So, keep this in mind when you visit the orchard. The blueberries when ripe are deliciously sweet as opposed to sour when picked too early. Make sure you pick the ripe ones!

Upon visiting, you’ll be given a large bucket so you can pick and pop the berries into. It is recommended to bring your own containers to put your berries in so they can stay fresh on the ride home and safe from being squashed.

There is a strict no dog policy to be kept in mind when visiting, and although children are more than welcome to join in on the berry picking, there are chickens, often with young chicks.

Keep a close eye on children who may chase the birds!

Boyd’s Blueberries is a fantastic blueberry orchard. Andrew, the team and the chickens can’t wait for you to visit them!

They come highly recommended with some of the sweetest berries, and the friendliest staff. A morning or afternoon well spent.

boyds blueberries: 828 Shands Road

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