Spend a day in Darfield

Wednesday, 7 February 2024

Spend a day in Darfield

Darfield stands out as one of our favourite destinations for a fun day out here in Selwyn, offering a perfect blend of relaxing and adventurous activities. With picturesque settings amidst the Southern Alps, it’s a fantastic backdrop for a day out.

Whether it’s the beautiful scenery, the friendly locals, or the various activities at hand, Darfield invites families and individuals alike to create some cherished memories this year. If you’re scratching your head wondering where to even begin, we have you covered.

Feel free to stick to the itinerary below or plan your own adventures such as a jetboat ride in Springfield or pack a picnic to have in the park. The following examples are only a few of the wonders Darfield has for you to explore!

With everything located so close to each other, leave the car at home and get the bikes out of the garage, dust off the helmets and embark on a full-family day out in the open air.


Welcome to our itinerary!


9AM      Visit Darfield Bakery for your morning tea

Darfield Bakery (60 South Terrace) has become a popular and favourite establishment in Selwyn, particularly in its hometown of Darfield, and for that reason it's a must-stop on your day out!

First and foremost, Darfield Bakery’s unwavering commitment to crafting high-quality, freshly baked goods is apparent from the moment you step in the door and smell the aroma of their breads, pastries, and delicious pies.

Their dedication to using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients not only supports local producers, but also ensures the freshness of their products. With customers stating that it's one of the best steak and cheese pies in the South Island yet, it’s a no brainer for Darfield Bakery to be your first stop of the day! 


10AM   Feed the ducks at Darfield Reserve

Pack some fruit and vegetable scraps, or even dried oats, so your family can turn into honorary chefs for the ducks that gather at Darfield Reserve. Feeding ducks really is one of life’s simplest pleasures, especially for the little ones. 

If you haven’t yet tucked into the food you bought from the bakery, this location is a perfect spot for a sit-down picnic while the children feed the ducks. Rather than just a dull activity to pass the time, this spot offers a perfect recipe for a great family day out! Just picture a leisurely picnic blanket beside the lake edge, with the ducks joining in as guests adding that extra layer of charm to your time spent with family. 


11AM    Darfield Art Gallery

With full tummies after the bakery, and knowing you’ve done your good deed for the day by feeding the local wildlife, a leisurely stroll around the art gallery might be exactly what is called for next to whittle away an hour or two.

Darfield Art Gallery has a distinctive charm to it, showcasing diverse artists with diverse expressions. What makes the gallery truly unique is its curated collection, which spans a wide range of mediums and styles, from traditional paintings to contemporary installations.

The gallery also plays an important role in fostering local talent, providing a platform for emerging artists in the Selwyn region to showcase their work. With frequent events, workshops, and lectures, you can plan your day to revolve around one of these!

In essence, Darfield Art Gallery is a cultural hub which celebrates creativity and contributes to just how truly special its town is for locals and visitors alike.


1PM      Fairy Walk at McHugh’s Forest Park

Located just north of Darfield is a short, exciting trail for nature lovers and families with small kids. After a trip at the gallery, the kids might be itching to run around, and this is the perfect spot for it.

The Fairy Walk at McHugh’s Forest Park is a beautifully crafted design set to capture the hearts and imaginations of young visitors. Children will discover various features that make the walk a magical adventure. With intricately designed fairy doors nestled into ancient trees, it really does offer a glimpse into a hidden woodland world. Along the way, colourful and bright toadstools act as markers for secret hideaways which encourages moments for the kids to explore and get curious.

The Fairy Walk also has many tiny bridges that lead to miniature worlds beneath the ferns. And with many other treasures for the children to find, it is a great place to mix the beauty of outdoors with the magic of fairy tales.


3PM      Grain & Grape

Exhausted by excitable kids, the adults may need something for themselves to enjoy. A place to unwind and relax. The Grain & Grape provides just that and will offer an opportunity to enjoy a family meal with the kids while sipping on a selection of beautiful wines.

This vibrant hub seamlessly blends the flavours of locally sourced grains and grapes that promises a great experience for its visitors. The menu at Grain and Grape showcases a diverse array of dishes created with local flair that caters to all tastes, including options for the little ones. Whether you’re a fan of hearty grain-based creations or a fine-wine lover, this spot has something to satisfy every palate.

From Steak Night Mondays to Cocktail Night Thursdays, there really is a little of everything in this place! And with friendly and attentive staff, Grain & Grape is the perfect place to stop for an evening meal! 


5PM      Darfield’s outdoor swimming pool

If you’re looking for a reason to further exhaust the kids, look no further than jumping in for a splash and dive at Darfield’s local outdoor pool. With a water bomb platform, a water play area, and heated water, it’s the perfect way to end your day in Darfield.

Open during the warmer months, Darfield’s outdoor swimming pool offers a welcome respite from the heat with a safe and enjoyable space for swimmers of all ages. For the little ones, there’s a dedicated children’s pool, complete with playful water features, ensuring that even the youngest visitors can splash and play away.

So, whether you’re a local seeking a peaceful afternoon swim or a visitor looking for a way to unwind after a busy day (following our Darfield guide), the outdoor swimming pool is a must-visit!

With friendly staff and well-maintained facilities, every visit should leave you feeling content and fulfilled and soon ready to pack up and go home armed with some very wholesome memories!


We hoped you enjoy your day trip to Darfield - feel free to share any memories with us by tagging Selwyn NZ on Facebook and Instagram. 

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