Selwyn's best outdoor eateries

Wednesday, 20 December 2023

Selwyn's best outdoor eateries

There is no greater joy than dining al fresco! With summer well and truly upon us, outdoor eateries offer a great dining experience that us Kiwi's love. Whether you’re hanging out with friends and family, or just treating yourself, outdoor dining has a certain quality you just can’t top. 

Give some of these outdoor eateries right here in Selwyn a try! 


Thirsty Acres

Great Alpine Highway No 73, Kirwee 

Whether you’re in need of a hearty meal to refuel your energy or you’re looking for something to snack on while enjoying a drink, Thirsty Acres has you covered. With vegetarian and gluten-free options on the menu, everyone can join in.  

Able to cater to large groups, Thirsty Acres boasts a wide selection of beers and good pub feeds. With knowledgeable and friendly staff, you will wait for nothing under their service. With its spacious outdoor seating and children’s play area, it’s a place where everyone can come together to enjoy each other’s company.  

And who can fault their food? From hearty lamb dishes to fresh seafood plucked from nearby waters, every dish is prepared with passion and commitment. Make sure to find time to eat here this summer!  


Maddison Eatery

971 Goulds Road, Rolleston 
(Corner of East Maddisons and Goulds Road) 

Maddison Eatery takes pride in offering a menu that showcases the best of Selwyn’s local produce. From farm-fresh vegetables to tender meat, each dish is a testament to their commitment and passion.  

A sister restaurant to Jaba Grill and Bar, which has been crowned one of the top 5 rated restaurants in Christchurch Central, the owners, Jay and Mon, are excited to offer a fresh and local approach to dining in Rolleston.  

With Jay as the guiding hand behind their kitchen, he ensures that every dish is a masterpiece. Mon has over 15 years of experience in restaurant and function management, so needless to say, her hosting is flawless! Her dedication to creating a warm and friendly environment means you will leave feeling as if you were a cherished friend to Maddison Eatery.  

It's no wonder Maddison Eatery comes so highly recommended here in Selwyn!  



227 Leeston Road, Springston 

Memorys is a charming boutique eatery located in Springston which embraces relaxed dining and intimate gatherings. More than just a restaurant, Memorys is a family-run establishment that extends the feeling and warmth of home to all of their customers. 

 At Memorys, the menu reflects the ever-evolving moods and seasons. The blackboard menu changes throughout the week, allowing diners to experience fresh and seasonal cuisine. As the days shift, so do the flavours on offer, making every visit unique. Their objective is simple; to serve nutritious, fresh and locally sources dishes that makes everyone’s day a little bit better.  

Nestled amongst mature trees and a well-established garden, the large courtyard area complete with a Petanque pit and wood-fired pizza oven means that customers can relax and unwind in a dining area that combines great meals with the beauty of outdoors.  


Melton Estate

500 Weedons Ross Road, West Melton 

 Located in West Melton, Melton Estate offers event spaces for any occasion. Visit the winery restaurant on Thursday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm for a taste of true Kiwi hospitality and beautiful vineyard views. 

With a range of high-quality wines, with a primary focus on Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling. Their wines have gained a fantastic reputation both locally and internationally, making this restaurant a haven for wine enthusiasts. Melton Estate offers educational wine tours and events, allowing visitors to delve deeper in winemaking. Offering an experience to explore the vineyards, learn about the process and of course, sample the wines, this is a must-do this summer!  

And with a menu prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Melton Estate is a place where dining, wine, and the beauty of Selwyn countryside come together as one for their guests.  


The Laboratory

17 West Belt, Lincoln 

Who wouldn’t want a dining experience that defies convention? Blending gastronomy with the flair of a mad scientist’s lab, The Laboratory promises an unforgettable experience.  

The décor features lab-inspired accents, from beakers as glassware to periodic table-inspired menus. And with dishes carefully crafted with flavour, texture, and presentation, you’ll feel like you’ve walked right into a mad scientist’s lair, but with a culinary twist.  

Dining at the Laboratory is more than just eating; it’s a fully interactive experience. You may find yourself using syringes to add a finishing touch to your dessert or watching your server ‘perform experiments’ at your table. The staff’s enthusiasm and knowledge about the dishes adds to the charm of the establishment.  

If you’re looking for somewhere to take the little ones, the Laboratory is a great place to enjoy kid-friendly experiments with their food. This summer be sure to pay a visit to the one place that combines dining with mad science!  

Did we miss your favourite outdoor eatery in Selwyn?

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