Day walks in Selwyn

Saturday, 24 February 2024

Day walks in Selwyn

With pristine landscapes and beautiful forests, Selwyn offers an ideal setting for day walks with the family. Walks can provide an excellent opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with nature. This summer, gather your loved ones and seize the opportunity to forge enduring memories right on your doorstep!

Below, we present four captivating suggestions to enrich your day walk experiences:


Helicopter Hill – Broken River Ski Area Road  

Helicopter Hill is considered an easy-to-moderate track, suitable for hikers of all ages and fitness levels. Approximately a 3km round trip, it is an achievable goal for most families when planning a day walk.  

There’s no reason to rush this track. Enjoy a packed lunch while surrounded by rolling hills and the distant Southern Alps. A gradual ascent will definitely have your family feeling the burn by the end of it. Whether or not you tackle the summit at the end is up to you, but just be warned to be prepared for some rather spectacular views at the top!  

Known for its stunning panoramic views of Craigieburn Ranges, it really is an all-round picture-perfect track for you and your family this summer. And with additional views of the Torlesse Ranges and limestone landscape of Castle Hill Basin, your camera should most definitely not be left at home!  

 Dogs can be taken if on leash.

Coopers Lagoon Mcevedys Road, Southbridge 

Coopers Lagoon is a nature lover’s paradise! With its serene and unspoiled environment, the lagoon is surrounded by wetlands teeming with birdlife, making it a dream destination for fellow birdwatchers. You can expect to see some white swans, black swans, spoonbills, pukekos and many other bird species in the area! 

The day walk here demands an above-average level of fitness, so be prepared for a challenging experience at Coopers Lagoon. However, it's important to note that swimming is highly discouraged due to strong currents, which pose a danger.

Approximately a 2km loop and accessible all year-round, Coopers Lagoon is not a day walk to miss this summer. Don't forget to pack your binoculars and involve the whole family in wildlife and bird spotting! 

 Dogs can be taken on the beach if on leash.

Lake Coleridge Village Historic Walk 

A rather unique day walk is the Lake Coleridge Village Historic Walk.  

Lake Coleridge Village has preserved its heritage with care, allowing visitors to take a leisurely stroll back in time. As you wander along this day walk, you’ll encounter restored buildings and landmarks that each have their own story to tell, providing glimpses into the lives of early settlers and the village’s development over the year.  

However, this historic walk isn’t just about the buildings; it’s also about the beautiful natural backdrop. Lake Coleridge is a stunning lake with a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, making the walk truly extraordinary. 

So, why not turn your day walk into a walking history lesson that is not only informative, but also highly enjoyable, with breathtaking views? Accessible for all ages, this track is suitable for everyone; just follow the pink markers! 

Dogs can be taken if on leash.

McHughs Forest 

For families with young adventurers, the McHugh’s Forest Walk, home to the enchanting Fairy Walk, is the ultimate destination this summer. This magical trail combines nature with the endless imagination of children.  

 The Fairy Walk is a short but enchanting part of the McHugh’s Forest trail. As your little ones wander, they’ll discover intricately crafted fairy houses and little creatures hidden amongst the trees. It’s an adventure mixed with education. With informative signs along the way, kids can learn about the local flora and fauna.  

The McHugh’s Forest Walk offers several family-friendly picnic areas and playgrounds where kids can play, parents can relax, and the whole family can talk about what they’ve discovered while sharing a picnic.  

Designed to accommodate walkers of all ages and abilities, even the littlest adventurer can join in on the fun.  

So, grab the kids this summer and be sure to come and visit the McHughs Forest!

Dogs can be taken if on leash.

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