Darfield Town Walks

Short Walks

Scenic and historic walks through the Darfield township.

Quick tips:   

  • Dogs on leash, Children and family friendly 
  • 1 hour
  • Low intensity
  • Starting point: Darfield Clock Tower

Walkway A.

Follow the green posts with red markers to explore the streets of Darfield starting at the clock tower, past the shops and through to the War Memorial. The walkway then travels along the edge of Darfield Primary School and past the stone gates – the original entrance to St Andrew’s Church. From here, follow the road to the Baptist Church grounds, through Avoca Place Reserve, past Darfield High School and into Devon Crescent. Head diagonally across Daniel Mulholland Reserve, through the walkway and turn right into Stotts Drive. Walk over culvert, and turn right at the marker into the walkway through to Piaka Place. At the end of this street turn onto Bangor Road. Pass by Pearson Reserve and go through the Trinity Church grounds to return to the Clock Tower.

Walkway B.          

From the Clock Tower, cross the main street and follow the marker posts through the Railway Reserve Subdivision to the reserve sports grounds. Turn right into Maxwell Street and continue along the sports fields, across Horndon Street and through the walkway to Craigieburn Street. The right-of-way through to Kowhai Drive is planted in rhododendrons and crabapples. Follow along Kowhai Drive into Horndon Street, pass the tennis courts, go along the sports fields, and around the lake. Follow the marker posts through the hedge and onto North Terrace. The final section takes you through the Westview Park development, past the youth park, and back to the Clock Tower.

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