Cross Hares


Cross Hares produces single-vineyard wines from hand-picked grapes. The name was inspired by the hares with attitude, that run freely between the vines. The hillside block in Tai Tapu overlooking the once rich wetland of Ahuriri Lagoon.

The Cross Hares single vineyard is situated 30 minutes drive south of the centre of Christchurch nestled on the foothills of the Port Hills and the gate way to Banks Peninsula.

The Ahuriri Run. Steeped in tradition our small hillside vineyard previously formed part of the early Ahuriri Run holding, first farmed by the prominent Rhodes brothers in the 1850s.  Named for the now ghost lagoon over which our vineyard views – once a rich wetland full of flood, a warm spring with flax resources cherished by local Māori. Today the humble hare stands. Stoic and unmoved under the rows. Sentinals of the crop – victorious.

A perfect site elevated 10-40 metres above sea level and with a north-west aspect the vines were established in 2002 with the popular rootstocks:

Couderec 339 TK0691
Millardet et de grasset 101-14 (TK06512)
Riparia Gloirie de Montpeillier (TK06518) for pinot Gris
And Pinot Noir cloned Riparia Gloire, clones 115, 777 and 113

In total the vineyard is around 1.5 Hectares comprising 2600 Pinot Noir vines and 2400 Pinot Gris vines.