Suburban Eatery

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Suburban Eatery

Suburban Pork belly

A succulent pork belly rolled and served on a bed of red cabbage pickle, potato gratin/rosti  - with a blackcurrant jus and seasonal local veg and crispy crackling.

Dessert: Apple and blackcurrant crumble with a homemade honey ice cream.

Pair it with a pinot noir or pinot gris or a non-alcoholic sauvignon blanc and saffron drink.

This dish includes a number of local products. The star of the dish, the pork belly comes from the Ellesmere Butchery, and the potatoes are supplied by Oakley's Vegetables. The dessert includes Carters' blackcurrants and Airborne Honey.

The wines mentioned are produced at Melton Estate, and the non-alcoholic drink from Aroha Drinks

Did we mention there is an entrée too? House made artisan bread and Social Platter Co speciality crackers with South Lea Extra Virgin olive oil, dukkah and butter served with the Social Platter Co portifino pate.

Suburban Eatery is about creating a space you can feel at home in, eat some great food, drink your beverage of choice and enjoy the company of others.

Suburban Eatery

112 High Street

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