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Meet some of Selwyn's locals and learn about their stories.

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Selwyn’s plains are patched with vineyards, fields and farms stretching to the mountains. Support local farmers and try the products grown and lovingly made in the region. doogan 191126 1913 hs

The freshness starts in the fields. A family business in Lincoln, Bee My Honey, produces manuka honey and clover honey. Lassad saffron growers and olive oil producers are based on a farm in West Melton. Wairiri Buffalo produce cheeses, like mozzarella, halloumi and ricotta. The Italian-style water buffalo live on a sustainable farm in the Wairiri Valley.doogan 191126 2133 hs

Grapevines have been grown in the Selwyn region for the last 40 years. The region is known for its expressive chardonnays and aromatic wines. Lone Goat welcomes visits to the garden and tasting room. Straight 8 is based near Rolleston and prides itself on a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with free tasting and cellar door specials. Melton Estate is a winery restaurant and event venue with award-winning wines.

The Laboratory is a craft brewery based in Lincoln. Brewer Nigel Mahoney experiments with beers and ages them in casks or wine barrels. Have a drink at the bar at The Laboratory or take a brewery tour and find out what makes these beers special. While there, visit Lincoln Pantry. It is a cafe and store sourcing products from Canterbury. The shop stocks local, organic and gourmet goodies for the health-conscious foodie. 

the laboratory wood fired pizza

Wander the markets and keep an eye out for local products. Aroha drinks are made with the ‘love’ for the land and people their name implies. The company produces sparkling and still juices, and cordials using the natural flavours of berries and fruits. Chocolate Traders craft handmade artisan chocolates from Belgian chocolate. Emilios Cheese is based near West Melton and produces fresh and aged Italian-style cheeses.

Get the story behind the flavours. Taste the Selwyn difference.

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