Memory's Restaurant

Thursday, 15 April 2021

Memory's Restaurant

A complete taste of Selwyn on a platter to show what is available from our backdoor in the way of quality produce which is being provided by boutique cottage industries in the area... how lucky we are. 

The dish is paired with a beautiful wine from Straight 8 Estate which compliments the flavour of the food or a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage from Aroha Juices. The delicious deli meats are sourced from Deutscheseck which are hand made. Emilio's Cheese are featured and the freshly sourced quality produce are from The Leeston Grocer

The food at Memory's is created with love, they have established a space where you can relax, breathe and meet new people. Food is a way of life, a coming together. 

Memory's Cafe Restaurant 

227 Leeston Road, Springston 

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