Ma Petite Bakery

About Ma Petite Bakery

 57 Tennyson Street, Rolleston

Ma Petite Bakery hand-make the highest quality artisan French breads.  Using hand-sourced ingredients from the best farmers in New Zealand, head baker Thomas Holleaux employs traditional French baking methods that are not commonly practiced in New Zealand.

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Lady Poire

“Lady Poire” is a medley of mouth-watering fruity and nutty flavours. After tasting Aroha’s apple and pear juice, Thomas decided to use the juice to create a sweet jelly and mousse tarte, pairing it with locally produced walnuts from Trickett’s Grove for the walnut dacquoise and homemade praline.  


The Selwyn Ciabatta

A popular request for ciabatta bread was what prompted Ma Petite bakery’s chef Thomas Holleaux to create “The Selwyn Ciabatta”, using Minchins Milling’s flour from Sheffield and South Lea olive oil from Southbridge. Because the flour is being milled stoneground, Thomas found it gave the ciabatta a strong flavour, enhancing the flavour of the olive oil and giving it a unique dark crumb.

  • Stoneground Flour from Minchins Milling 
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil from South Lea Olive Grove