The Raspberry Cafe

About The Raspberry Cafe

 40 Rhodes Road, Tai Tapu

Situated in the beautiful Tai Tapu area, Raspberry Cafe pride themselves on good, homemade, delicious and satisfying food in a picturesque setting that is comfortable, peaceful and a lovely dining experience for families, groups and individuals.

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Warm Lamb Salad

Introducing The Raspberry Café’s Warm Lamb Salad with a Mediterranean flare made from ingredients sourced near their Tai Tapu location.

Oldfields mesclun mix, house made herby slaw, spicy carrot hummus and mint and cucumber tzatziki are all tossed together with crumbly feta and juicy marinated lamb tenderloin. Topped with Brown Acres microgreens grown in Tai Tapu, this salad really packs a punch!

The Meringue

If you have room for dessert, try The Raspberry Café’s take on a classic meringue. With lashings of cream, the Meringue is topped with fresh strawberries grown on site at Otahuna Berries, a delectable raspberry coulis and blueberries when in season from Weedons’ Berries Direct.

  • Otahuna berries strawberries and raspberries
  • Berries Direct blueberries
  • Meringue
  • Cream